Proactive prevention: Campus implements required awareness and health promotion courses

Freshman Alexann Zahara completed her first college assignment before starting her classes. Logging onto her computer at home, she watched video segments—like the kind you’d see during a late show’s man-on-the-street interviews­—and interacted with simulated characters where she could choose different dialogue bubbles based on the information she was just more »

New exhibit opens: “Forbidden Art: Illegal Works by Concentration Camp Prisoners”

Forbidden Art tells the emotional story of the illegal artwork created by concentration camp prisoners during WWII. The Alfred Berkowitz Gallery is honored to bring this powerful exhibition, organized by the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and The Polish Mission of the Orchard Lake Schools, to the Dearborn community. Our imagination of more »

Educational expeditions: Faculty facilitate real world experiences for students

Alexandra Slonina read about the medieval period in Rome. And she learned about it in class. But this summer, during a study abroad experience, she physically surrounded herself with history. Slonina, who studied anthropology and biology on campus, assisted Patrick Beauchesne, assistant professor of anthropology, in his research on the more »